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  Double 8 (Square & circle): Square & circle is concept of pairing in traditional Chinese culture, a kind of wisdom that is interdependent and harmonious. After the first Emperor Qin had unified China, the unified currency was a round coin with a square hole in the middle which lasted for more than two thousand years till the end of the Qing Dynasty. The ancient square-holed round coin was a classic symbol of the Chinese currency and a representation of wealth. Four square-holed round coins symbolize harmony and happiness as well as success.

  “2 pcs brushes”: It is said that when talented scholars and artist in the Tang Dynasty were being praised by others, they replied humbly and humorously that they had “2 pcs brushes”. Humility has always been a virtue that the Chinese upheld throughout history, and so such a virtue has been passed down widely. “2 pcs brushes” has thus become a representation of capability. 

   “You have 2 pcs brushes of DOUBLE8” is a compliment saying that you have wisdom & wealth. Good luck for you!

方圆 刷子


两把刷子据说在唐朝,许多文人墨客面对别人称赞自己时,谦称自己有两把刷子谦逊历来国人尊崇的美德, 被广泛流传两把刷子”就成了能力的代名词。

 “有两把方圆刷子 赞誉您有财、有识。好运连连!



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